Survey of the independent game Kosheleva

Hello there all! I had the valuable chance to go through the game before the delivery and make a survey of it. Notwithstanding the video, as indicated by the standards of SG, there is likewise a text form. I just post it here. I think there are grammatical errors. Assuming this is the case, compose and I’ll fix it. I would be happy assuming that you watch the video form. Presently I will educate you regarding the game Kosheleva. In the event that you haven’t heard anything about this game or have heard, yet sufficiently not, then you ought to peruse or watch this survey, on the grounds that the undertaking is unjustifiably denied of consideration.

I have previously passed it and I have something to tell you

However, this doesn’t mean at all that I won’t chide the game, since they sent me the key. I will, obviously. Yet, merited. Furthermore, acclaim as well. So, presently you will know it all. I might truly want to educate you in more insight about where this game came from, the way things were created and different realities that, generally speaking, are not especially fascinating for a common player. Eventually, we take a gander at surveys of new items to see whether the game merits our consideration, and not to figure out who made it there and the number of restless evenings this somebody that spent behind the screen. Along these lines, I will just say that two understudies made it. The situation was taken care of by Asker Unaev, and Oleg Kiselev was diving into the code and advancing the game. Furthermore, this means a lot to be aware.

Why, I’ll tell you later, however until further notice, just put this information on the rack? The game is delivered on April sixth on STEAM, Incredible GAMES STORE and VK PLAY (thus, the game doesn’t appear to be delivered on Play). On steam deck, the game is additionally sent off, however such a long way without true help. Outside in 1992. Russia is going crazy since it has not been the USSR for a portion of a year, I’m blowing a gasket since I was naturally introduced to the world, yet the town of Kosheleva and the neighborhood aggregate homestead executive Valery Mikhailovich are the most magnificent, on the grounds that a flying saucer collided with his home.

What or who is inside is obscure

It is just known that Valery Mikhailovich, for whom you play, is respected to speak with outsiders utilizing his, ahem, television. No other individual can make it happen. All things considered, how … to impart. He can send demands from residents to the dish, and the dish can satisfy these solicitations. At times precisely, and once in a while not exactly. The further advancement of the story relies upon what demands you will ship off the plate. What’s more, history assumes a significant part here. Be that as it may, about her somewhat later.

At the point when I began composing the text, that’s what I understood in the event that you discuss the mechanics of the game, you can retell this entire game. Accordingly, I will attempt to portray as schematically as conceivable what we need to do. Indeed, not everything, but rather it will be even more wonderful to find something different in the game. The interactivity can be partitioned into two sections. Sitting test system and strolling test system. In the primary rendition, the game, restrictively, looks like Paper Please. The fundamental person here likewise assumes the job of a sort of line watch and intently screens the individuals who cross the boundary with a plate.