Rapid-fire Roulette

It’s incredible how far online roulette has come since its early, cumbersome days. Recent roulette games have not only caught up with the genuine exhilaration of physical casino roulette, but, if anything, have actually surpassed it. This is also true of other online casino games, and we may soon reach a point where roulette and poker fans find it more rewarding and satisfying to play their preferred game at a mobile casino, rather than having to dress up and travel to a physical establishment.



Real Dealer Studios’ Turbo Auto Roulette is at the forefront of this ever-increasing sophistication in roulette. As suggested by the title, the focus is on pace and exhilaration. The black wheel with high sides resembles a vehicle tire, but “Auto” in the title also refers to the allure of auto wagers. In addition to the racetrack layout, the game offers a number of other useful features.


What are Turbo Auto Bets? The Auto Roulette feature ‘Autoplay’ enables you to replicate the same wager for a predetermined number of rounds. So, if your preferred strategy is to target a specific section of the green baize on the roulette table, whether it be a split (2 numbers), street (3 horizontal numbers), corner (4 numbers in a square formation), double street (6 numbers), or dozen (one of the thirds of the table), you can simply place your bet and specify the number of rounds (25, 50, or 100) and then observe the results.


The Benefits of Racetrack Gambling

The racecourse board may be unfamiliar to those unfamiliar with online roulette, but it is merely another type of roulette table or board on which you can place bets. Unlike the traditional roulette board, which is set out in a grid of 12 rows of 3 numbers in ascending order, with the zero at the top by itself, the racetrack board is a rectangle with rounded corners, similar to a typical horse racetrack. And the numbers 0 through 36 are depicted around this racetrack in the same order as they appear on a tangible roulette wheel. This layout therefore favors players who prefer to target specific areas of the wheel as opposed to the board.


But what makes the racetrack board even more practical for these types of roulette players is that it enables them to place what are commonly known as French wagers on specific areas of the roulette wheel without having to wager on each number or each split. Within the racetrack are circular rectangles referred to as “Les Orphelins,” “Tiers du Cylindre,” and “Les Voisins du Zero,” which represent popular betting locations on the wheel. The most popular is most likely “Les Voisins du Zero,” which alludes to the numerals surrounding zero. In actual casinos with racetrack boards, you may call out a voisins wager for any number of your choosing to the croupier. The “Tiers du Cylindre” simply refers to the twelve numerals opposite zero that would ordinarily require six divisions to cover. You can now encompass all twelve numerals with a single chip. The “Orphelins” are the two sections of the roulette wheel between the Voisins du Zero and the Tiers that no one typically concerns about.

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